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Sweetish Candy

April 7, 2019



Launched on April 3rd, Sweetish Candy is Lancaster's introduction to the joys of Swedish goodies. Many of us have enjoyed the same treats at Ikea, but now there is a more accessible boutique version right in the heart of Lancaster City!



Sweetish is located on 356 N Queen St, which is a prime area for shopping downtown. 

A city filled with restaurants, thrift shops, coffee shops, and bakeries, Lancaster was really overdue for a candy store.






Sweetish brought back some fun childhood memories for Jake, so once this store opened we knew we had to go right away!





His mom is Swedish and she did a fabulous job of bringing her culture to the Bleacher family. A big part of that Swedish culture is CANDY!





When I asked Jake what he remembered about Swedish candy, he told me that this was lördagsgodis or "Saturday candy." When they would visit Sweden, his mom would take the kids to the movie rental store for candy on Saturdays and they would pick out candy from the pick and mix wall. 





Jake's favorites are the different fruity gummy candies and marshmallowy candies, but a lot of the flavors also include sour, salty, and chocolatey options.





Lördagsgodis and scooping all different types of candy is typical in Sweden, but if you are a Lancaster native and have never had the pick and mix candy experience, you have to give it a try! It's impossible not to get excited like a little kid, especially with new sweets you've never seen before.







Here are some of Jake's favorites:



- Licorice Mint Chalk - looks likes chalk and tastes like it sounds 


- Bilar - little marshmallowy cars; tastes like less sweet circus peanuts


- Vampire Teeth - sweet gummies that look like teeth


- Cola Bottles - "they are chewy and taste like coke" - Jake





I definitely grew up with a Mennonite palate, so although a lot of these candies are some of Jake's favorites, I much prefer the chocolate over the gummies and licorice.



Here is what I go for:


- Malted Milk Balls - because I love whoppers


- Strawberry + Cream - small sweet gummy with a fluffy cream bottom


- Punsch Praliner - looks like a nonpareil, but it is softer and has a liqueur taste


- Bilar - even though they aren't super delicious, I swear you can't stop eating them!




Not only does Sweetish have a fun pick and mix wall, they also have packs of chocolate bars and a bunch of other imported Swedish goods! There is a section of candles, coffees, and books.



Some of my favorite things Jake's family introduced me to are featured at Sweetish as well;

Daim chocolate, which is a bar of crunchy almond caramel covered in chocolate (like a heath bar) and lingonberry jam, which tastes like strawberry jam but better!



For people who are from Sweden or have that distinct Scandinavian palate, there is a fridge of pickled herring and Kalles Kavier, a brand of Smörgåskaviar. It's basically a fish paste. 






I am really excited for this little shop and I can't wait to see what else they add to their inventory. 





I love that Sweetish is bringing a little slice of Sweden to Lancaster and adding to the cultural diversity in the city.





Check out the adorable sign that sums up the shop! 


"Hygge: The Danish word for quality of coziness that comes from doing simple things such as lighting candles, eating sweets, or spending time at home with your family."




Go check out Sweetish and let me know what you think of the different candies!



If you're interested, the owner of Sweetish told us to keep a look out for a Swedish meet up in the near future. 













Thanks for reading!






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